General ENT

We do all diagnostic hearing tests for hearing evaluation and revalidation by means of hearing aids. Treatments for ear infections. We do all ear operations for: Chronic ear infections, mastoidectomy. Ear grommets for glue ears. Closure of tympanic membrane perforations. Reconstruction of ossiculair chain for improvement of hearing. Stapedectomy for otosclerosis. Ear canal and external ear operations.

Video television endoscopic diagnostic procedures in the nose. Nose trauma and nose fracture. We treat all nasal problems as an out-patient procedure. We do all nose operations for: Septo-Rhinoplasty. Plastic reconstruction of the nose. Operations for nose-obstruction. We give medical treatments for allergic rhinitis, nose obstruction, nasal polyps and nose bleeding. We do laser surgery in the nose to restore breathing.

We do diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for all sinus problems. We do all sinus operations: Functional endonasal endoscopic sinus surgery. Sinus lavage. Caldwell Luc procedures, Claoue (Rhino-Antro-Stomy).

Medical treatment of all problems in this area. All procedures in this area. Tonsillectomy, adenotomy. Pharynx plastics for sleep apnea disorder. Removal of all sorts of tumors in this area. Tongue plastics. Removal of tumors or cysts in the neck.

Video television endoscopic diagnostic procedures. Speech disorders, diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. Endoscopic removal of nodules from vocal cords. Laryngectomy for larynx cancer. Evaluation of swallowing disorders by means of oesofagoscopy. Evaluation of lung tumors by means of bronchoscopy. Evaluation of voice disorders by flexible laryngoscopy and stroboscopy.

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