Over the last decade facial plastic surgery has become rather mainstream in our modern society. More and more people option to improve their appearance through minor or more extensive surgical procedures. Nonetheless this form of medical care remains delicate and demands prudence on both the side of the patient as well as surgeon. Facial Plastic Clinic aims to bundle knowledge, surgical skills and expertise to offer responsible and state-of-the-art facial plastic surgery on Aruba. To achieve this we collaborate with leading surgeons in both the US and Europe and continuously expose ourselves to education. A personal approach and intensive counseling is standard. Reliable aftercare is guaranteed. 


Swelling and bruising as well as some degree of pain accompany every facial operation. The skin in the operation field may become numb or feel awkward, though this is usually temporary in nature. In addition to these unpleasant sequels to surgery complications, though rare, may occur. Most of these, such as wound infections and hemorrhaging, can be treated and will have no permanent effect. In rare instances complications can be more severe. In such cases the operative result will usually be negatively impacted. General complications can also occur during or around the time of surgery. To reduce the small risk of such complications it is essential that you mention your medical history as well as medication use to your physician.

Disappointing results

Though your surgeon will always to his utmost to achieve the best possible result, the result may nonetheless be disappointing. This can but does not necessarily have to be the result of complications. The predictability of facial plastic procedures simply is not one hundred percent. Of particular importance is wound healing. Some people by nature form thick and unattractive scars. If you have experienced this in the past, we urge you to speak to your surgeon about this. In all cases we advice you to discuss disappointing results with your surgeon.

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